You Tube beats Cable Operators

Remember that 50 inch Flat Screen you just finally paid off?  Well forget it, the new way to watch TV is on your 19" computer screen. Say thanks to your cable operator for this.

Google and Digital Music Group, an online distributor of independently owned music, TV and film catalogs, announced a deal to put more than 4,000 hours of classic TV shows available online at YouTube.  Digital owns the rights to such classics as I Spy, My Favorite Martian, Peter Gunn and Gumby.

This is truly a slap in the face for Cable Operators who have had Video on Demand/Pay per view capability for the last decade.

Congrats to the folks at DMGI who have taken the initiative to get out front.  Perhaps the folks at Viacom should call Mitchell Koulouris, CEO DMGI for some advice.