19 Apr

How to Negotiate with Terriorists

Is it possible to negotiate with a terriorist and win?  Possibly, at least when you accept that there are more than two sides to a story.  In this Ted talk William Ury, a well known and well travelled negotiator, offers an approach to dealing with difficult situations where there may be more emotion than rationality.

19 Apr

Can Amazon Do this with CD’s?

This is either great sleuthing or just another conspiracy theory regarding Amazon which involves its buying up of used CD's to create a streaming music service under the "First Sale" doctrine of the copyright act.  This "First Sale" doctrine states that if you own a CD, book or DVD you can lend, sell or give it away without getting permission from the copyright owner.  So could they be buying up all these CD's to create their own Spotify or Pandora?  Who knows but you can read more about it on SeekingAlpha.

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