Yahoo’s Brand Universe-Contrived or Contagious?

Some people get it and some don’t.  I think this move by Yahoo shows that they kind of get it.

Yahoo said Tuesday that it planned to build individual Web sites around 100 entertainment “brands” this year that would pull together content from Yahoo’s sprawling array of online properties.

Merchandising is everything.  Retail store sales are significantly affected by how the store is organized and how the merchandise is displayed.

Now the web is well known for aggregation of content and, of course, that is what a directory and search engine are all about.

But the first question is why is this universe different from all the others?

They have established their first one. I’m not very impressed…It looks too contrived. 

The web has thrived on two "models" automated and personal. The automated sites have succeeded when they offer some utility function, faster, better, cheaper, easier etc, while the most successful content sites have a heart.

Yahoo, are you the Tin Man or…?