Skype’s message…Go local young man

Skype takes the prize!  Now you can use Skype to find and then call local businesses.  Skype 3.1 Beta for Windows was just introduced with these new features.

I think the guys from Skype are blessed.  Not because their idea isn’t innovative and they’re not smart but rather because zillions of people could have implemented this idea easily and yet they left the door WIDE open for Skype.

Lets see…there is Vonage who is struggling to find a foothold, then there are the cable operators (are they always last?) and of course we couldn’t possibly expect Verizon or the other telcos to think of this…I mean all they have is the yellow pages.

Whatever happened to Verizon’s VOIP service Voicewing?  Do they hide it?

Roy’s motto…The easier you make it for your customer to buy/use your product the more they will…congrats Skype for great execution!