Use GPS…Save on Insurance

Guess that having a bad sense of direction is a cost saver.  Turns out that a European research study has determined that those who use a GPS device are less likely to get into an accident. 

A recent independent research study utilized data collected on 115,197 drivers of leased cars. Those without PNDs had a 12% higher rate of damage incidents, and damage costs were on average 5% higher.

Why? It seems that those using PNDs were less distracted, ignored fewer traffic signs and felt more in control and less stressed.

How much is all this worth?  About 10% off from Dutch insurance company Delta Lloyd, which co-commissioned the research with Dutch makers of PNDs TomTom. Customers who send in their TomTom product number will receive 10% discount on their Delta Lloyd auto insurance. (Related: Eco-friendly car insurance.)