Newspaper Classifieds – Back from the Dead?

Is there an RSS feed for Jobs?  I have not found one yet.  Why can’t I open my reader (myyahoo) and see the jobs I want with a 1-click application (I already have a myYahoo profile-should be easy right?)

Today’s humor came from an article entitled Newspaper Round-up: Online Classified Partnerships

Did you ever notice that most of the time the most successful companies in a market are the last to innovate?

I cannot believe that I just read an article today about newspapers looking to partner with online classifieds.  Is it 1998 or 2007???

I have been receiving the New York Times for most of my adult life.  I have watched the classified advertising decrease by at least 95% and they are still arrogant.  In the last 2 years I have used the NYT classified to advertise the sale of my co-op and to rent out an office space.  Lets see, the buyer for my co-op came from Craigs List and the response to my office rental was minimal if non existant.

About the only hope for the newspapers is Adicio, an online provider of software, services and syndication for newspapers.

However I believe that the online classified business will soon become the ultimate filtered RSS feed–any good jobs out there?