NBC CBS ABC FOX:Its all how you see it

What if you knew there was $1,000,000 buried in your yard you just didn’t know where?  Would you sell the house? (isn’t that what GE keeps talking about-they think NBC has reached its peak for now). 

The broadcast networks are too busy getting in their own way.  They have forgotten that there is no medium more potent than TV to get consumer’s attention.  Yet they are soooo slow to change.

Here is a stat from MediaPost that should be on every network executive’s desk: "SOME 80% OF 18- TO-24-YEAR-OLD male Internet users in the U.S. watch online videos at least once a week, and 35% on a daily basis, according to a national online Magid Media Futures survey conducted the last week of March."

Unfortunately many of those 18 – 20 year olds may be viewing their video (on demand) at YouTube or another site.  Further, stats have shown that the bulk of the video viewed on YouTube are the videos that are professionally produced and about 98% of the viewers are viewing and not contributing.   

Congrats to the "Dark Horse" Les Moonves at CBS (NYSE: CBS), whose stock is up 18% since last June, for his passionate pursuit of the interactive space.  Les understands the value of content and is moving quickly to find the best distribution channel.  He still has a long way to go but at least he’s on the road.

As for the other guys…the networks have lots the video and an vast and potent distribution network…they just don’t have…

What do they say when you need to open a kid proof bottle…?