MySpace, Sony Music and Google…The Music Facebook?

Should Jonathan Miller and Rupert Murdoch sell MySpace to MTV?  Given MySpace’s key driver, music, MTV would surely seem like a better home for MySpace success.


BreakingViews espouses the theory that Viacom and Sumner Redstone could come back into the picture and could possibly take the deal for $1 billion.  But does Sumner have the cash to do it?


MySpace sure seems like a “fish out of water” at Fox? After Jonathan Miller’s mass layoffs it’s now a “goldfish out of water”.    Something has to happen before MySpace is truly a lost cause.


I’m amazed that through all this time we have never heard a peep from the music companies.  Who knows more about marketing music than Sony Music, Warner, EMI and the others?   

But the music companies and Viacom aren’t flush with cash so who is the “sugar daddy”?


So here is the deal…a smart acquirer, say Sony Music, goes to Google and partners up to acquire MySpace.  Google puts up the cash and gets its own Music Facebook, Sony gets to create the ultimate Independent Music marketplace (while building traffic from one of the largest trafficked websites in the world) as well as access to any breakout artists and both create the largest music marketplace in the world!