Is it Hardware or is it Art?

Just had the opportunity to see one of most creative art shows.  It is at a hardware store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.   The show features 100 artists including Eric Haze, Lee Quinones, Kaves, Mikal Hameed, Tim Spelios, Wendy Klemperer, Greg Barsamian and Michael Alan.   

The Crest Hardware store at 558 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg is the host of this unique annual art show.  The best part of the show is that the artwork is "woven" into the store.  Sometimes its hard to tell the art from the hardware.  What amazed me is the enormous range of creativity displayed.  No pieces are even remotely similar.  Hard to believe so many artists approached each piece so differently.  If you want to see it you better hurry up…the show’s last day is July 11th.

Here are some pictures of the show.