Dow Jones: Digital Goldmine that makes Gold Everyday

What’s worth more: the content and the brand or the distribution channel?

Dow Jones is a digital goldmine with some of the most valuable financial content in the world.  Even better, with their expert staff, they are able to make new gold everyday!

It’s not how its distributed but rather what is distributed.  Back to basics with Ted Levitt’s Marketing Myopia article…people don’t buy drills they buy holes.  The current suitors are spending too much time evaluating the Wall St. Journal’s weaknesses and not focusing on the gold making machine of its people and content.

One of the most valuable financial franchises in the world is in play and I can’t figure out if everyone is positioning or clueless (other than Murdoch that is)

According to an article in Fortune Ronald Burkle is the latest suitor for Dow Jones.  He wants to team up with Yahoo to buy it (although Yahoo hasn’t made its decision yet).

GE and Pearson are trying to create a 3 way partnership between Dow Jones, CNBC and the Financial Times..if they can make the numbers work.

Have we all forgotten what the internet has taught us?  Content is king.  Dow Jones creates some of the most valuable financial information in the world.

I see at least 5 new revenue streams from Dow Jones content that can be monitized…and if I owned CNBC or Yahoo I could find many more.

We all know Rupert gets it and is ready to respond to competing offers.  Hopefully he is not the only one that gets it.  Lets go everyone the music could stop anytime!