Don’t you hate the check out line? Buy an Apple anything!

I may buy something at an Apple store just because its so easy.

How many times have you gone to a store only to abandon a purchase due to a long line at check out?  I do it all the time.

Starbucks wants to know how to improve sales…speed up check out.  Its painful to watch cashiers study the register to find the right button or have them repeat the double latte vanilla with chocolate order for the third time.  I truly believe the check out line in most stores is one of the greatest "sale killers".

I was at the Apple store in SOHO the other day to investigate a potential purchase and, while the store was quite busy, there were many employees eager and knowledgeable who answered all of my questions.

But the best part was that they all, and I mean ALL, have hand held credit card swipe machines.  Every floor employee was able, not only to answer my questions, but to take a payment and process the order.

Is Apple and Steve Jobs so smart or is everyone else so dumb? 

By the way these hand held devices are hardly new. They have been in operation for at least 20 years.  Republic restaurant in Union Square has been using them for at least 10 years.

One thought on “Don’t you hate the check out line? Buy an Apple anything!

  1. Emil

    AMEN! The checkout is the kiss of death for me. It’s the #1 reason why I won’t go to a store. I make my purchase decision online. It takes me seconds to enter a store, grab something that I want and then when it comes time to leave, I get the feeling that I”m a criminal. Wait behind Johnny Moron as he trues to figure out how to use the register. Suffer through the old lady using exact change, followed by the freak trying to pay with a check, followed by the kid who over drew his bank card. No thanks. Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry’s, Sony Style, Target, Home Depot, Macys… they all fail.
    The only exception is clothes shopping in SoHo or the UES. No waiting at the check out. Hell, sometimes no paying… they’ll send me a bill. 🙂

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