Delta Airlines and Usability – HELP!!

Do you think Delta Airlines would like to increase sales of international tickets from their web site?  From what I’ve seen they’re more interested in pretty campaigns than sales.

Delta has a campaign running entitled "Cheat on New York" promoting leaving New York for international destinations.  Beautiful graphics, fun theme, but no call to action and no easy way to book a flight.

Would Delta like to make lots more cash from this effort?  Follow these instructions: First look at the Cheat on New York page  Now instead of the "book a trip" box (that can be an option but links listing the destinations are far better) there should be current pre-set links for trips from NY JFK to Sao Paulo or to Berlin or wherever.  Or even better list available round trip prices between destinations and then when I click on the price it gives me a page with the round trip flights with that price.  Then on the same page with the round trip flights list the available hotels and say…"add 3 nights at xyz hotel for $359 click here"  Put a message on that same page that asks for my Frequent Flyer number to enter me in a contest for prizes and for other special offers to that destination…and to keep me up to date on happenings at the destination.  Even if I don’t buy I’ve agreed to let Delta send me more info on whats going on at my chosen destination(s).  A great opportunity to tell me about the great museums, shopping, clubs, partying or whatever…I may just decide to go at a later date!

Now offer me an incentive to purchase now or within a defined period–the "call to action"  How about something like book air and hotel now and get free transfers to your hotel or 2 for one meals at the destination…something.

Now, even if I don’t book anything, Delta knows who is responding to their advertising, which ads they responded to, and that I’m interested in going to Sao Paulo.

Doesn’t anyone get it?  Its not about pretty and cool, its about sales and results.  Pretty and cool is great if it is used to leverage the visitors into sales.  If it generates a greater conversion rate. Otherwise save the pretty and cool for a museum.

Delta please take the lead. I can’t take it anymore.