Bloomberg and Dow Jones and News Corp and Reuters and Thomson

Dow Jones has the some of the world’s most valuable financial information yet they seem to be the last one who know how to best monitize it.  It must be unbelievably valuable for Rupert Murdoch to offer a 67% premium.  Richard Zannino figures Rupert is the solution for Dow Jones flat and slowing growth.

Most would say DJ content is already distributed online, in print, in a newswire, on tv and more but then what is Murdoch thinking?  Rupert is an entreprenuer who knows a quality product when he sees it.  While some would say this is an ego buy I say he sees far greater value in Dow Jones content than does DJ.

But what should Richard Zannino, President of DJ, do, now that his owners said no to Rupert.

How about buy or merge with Bloomberg?  They will need some help after Reuters and Thomson merge. Maybe Michael Bloomberg will finally give in and sell or merge.  Michael may like the thought that he could be an owner of the Wall Street Journal and it would give DJ one of the most highly concentrated networks of financial professionals in the world (and all over the world!)…and give Bloomberg a rich source and database of valuable content.