What if you could hire a top business strategist who could evolve your business—and more than double your profit margins in the process?

Roy Weissman is an unconventional business strategist with a proven record of identifying and refining profitable business models for brands like Playboy Entertainment Group, Infoseek, Viacom/Showtime and General Electric. He now uses his results-driven mindset and sharp understanding of stakeholders to help interactive media companies uncover hidden assets and opportunities.

Most recently, at AlphaWatchWholesale.com (the first e-commerce wholesale watch website), Weissman doubled profit margins—from 22% at acquisition to over 50% at sale—by completely reinventing this commodity business. He enabled this 50+ year-old company to generate more consistent revenues by upgrading the product line and adding new sales channels, including the Internet. He accurately pinpointed the best potential for differentiation and acceleration through a comprehensive analysis of the marketplace and existing business practices.

Creatively Approaching Business Challenges

Give Weissman a problem that others say cannot be solved and he’ll be in his element. He views every challenge as a new avenue to pursue: “Much like water flowing down hill, it may not take the perfect path every time, but it always gets to the bottom.” In times where employees are faced with getting more traction with fewer resources and are realizing that “change is the only constant,” Weissman’s creative thinking is an asset.

For example, as Director of Marketing and Business Development for InfoSeek.com, he was charged with increasing traffic and distribution with a limited budget. Weissman saved the company millions of dollars by getting regular national television exposure with a feature in an Infomercial of the Year produced by Guthy Renker.

Dubbed the “analogy king” by his colleagues, he likens his approach to a chef that when faced with the same ingredients as another chef, can masterfully create superior results.

He can take all the existing elements in the business model and serve up richer returns.

Fostering Equal Opportunity Ideas

Weissman sees the strategic “big picture” and also knows how to turn a vision into a practical reality by working smart. A key to his effectiveness is his ability to quickly assess others’ motivations and leverage this to develop productive deals and relationships. He realized Playboy TV’s most significant growth to date by cultivating a deal with the largest cable system in the world, Time Warner NYC. He also built relationships with the largest national cable companies, including Time Warner, Comcast, Continental (now part of Comcast) and Media General.

While you’ll see “teamwork” on every resume and job description, Weissman truly excels in hiring intelligent and motivated employees and serving as a catalyst for their successes.

He empowers his teams to initiate and lead profit-driven initiatives and believes that innovation comes from everyone. The results of Weissman’s leadership style are evident as numerous staff have gone on to earn senior-management roles. Highly collaborative, Roy says, “I get my best ideas when I’m talking with people.” His honesty, integrity and disarming sense of humor also add to his ability to influence others.

Making Lasting Contributions

Committed to making a contribution to moving the industry forward, Roy is available as a panelist and keynote speaker on emerging trends related to online marketing and advertising.

Highly effective in a business culture that values and rewards results, Roy is excited to transition from his most recent entrepreneurial venture back to the marketplace. He is currently seeking a senior role as a division head of a large company or leading a private, innovative enterprise in New York City that is focused on new media, cable television, radio, or venture capital.

Roy holds an MBA in Marketing from Syracuse University. He’s also enjoyed mentoring teens through Big Brother and Covenant House. He resides in Manhattan with his wife, Fran, where there is always something new to discover.